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Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization
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We understand the web and its audience intricately and employs this learning’s to offer customized website re-engineering services. We study your business objectives, and conduct detailed predictive analysis and usability auditing of your website that would lead us to chalk out a customized web site.

The secret of success online is to present the product and services to the right target in a way that they want to see it. By employing the findings of predictive analytics and usability audit, your website will be clear in communication, and user friendliness.

It's all about how well you present your products or services through the website to a user sitting hundreds of miles away. You as person may able to convince a person sitting across the table about your product or services, but in online your website should do that job, Convincing the visitors that "This is what you looking for", without creating any confusion in visitors mind.

Right from Interface to technical modules will be customized to your business needs and appeal your audience and friendly to the search engines at the same time, making your website really work for you.

There are 3 parts in a successful web Business

1. A workable Business Idea
  Now you have a business idea that to be expanded online to garner more customers. In order to do that you need to know, what are the strategies your competition is implementing, both Online and offline. Before making any website, we always study the competition to assess their strengths and weaknesses, and then device a strategy for the online presence
2 A User Friendly Platform to showcase your idea
  When you create a website to showcase your business of for selling products or services, first we need to understand, who are your customers, and what do they want, and how do they want it. We do extensive research target audience research to source these information and then we put them into practice. A website can make or break a business, if you do not create a user friendly platform, the sales may not happen, because you may be targeting wrong audience. You may get traffic from search engines or any other sources, but understanding who your customer is and what do they want, makes a very big difference. These research findings will help us outline the structure and aesthetics of your website for a better conversion.
3 Visibility of your Platform across the Target Audience
  Once we are armed with findings of our research, and the usable platform, we are in a better position to Market your website through major search engines, Industry specific engines, and directories etc, to generate QUALIFIED users. Our marketing part does stop here, but we continue to analyze user behavior within the website, and analyze the conversion rates and implement required changes to increase your Retun of Investment, and reduce your cost per Aquisition
Contact us for a Preliminary Discussion to understand how we can help you increase your company's potential in doing business online.

Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization

Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization