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Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization
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In todayís online scene itís not about how much traffic you get, but it's all about how many leads / conversions you generate. Conversion optimization is the science and art of creating an experience for a website visitor with the goal of converting the visitor into a customer.

There are many aspects in a website that can turn a visitor away like wrong products, weird typeface, confusing navigation or it can be anything from a color motif to lack of clear listed prices.

In a normal scenario, you might be getting When you do a search engine marketing campaign that is tied to the top 10 positions in Google, yahoo or MSN, itís bound to get you visitors provided you selected the right set of keywords, be it generic or targeted. But out of these visitors how many made a buying decision online? And what Phrases bought them in to your site? Out of all the visitors, how many didnít make any decision online, and what may be reason? . Is it because you targeted the wrong market, or is it something to do with the usability of the website, or may be something wrong with the products and itís prices? Etc. Knowing the answer for these is the key to the success of your Internet marketing campaign. Conversions can be tracked in any number of ways, and how a company defines a conversion varies from industry to industry, site to site, and even from section to section within a Web site.

At blomold we employ various methods to identify the drawback and fix them to improve your conversions and bring down the cost per acquisition.

Conversion Rate Optimization

bullet Predictive analytics

The Trump card In an Online marketing campaign is to know how the buyers landed on your website and use that data streamline your campaign to invite serious buyers than casual visitors. Some keywords can generate traffic that looks good on the stats, but they might not convert. Broad keywords that related to a specific industry might reach a much larger audience and more competitors, and you will most likely spend more money to reach this audience, but there will be little or no Return of your Investment. The key to the success is to identify the keywords / phrases your buyers are using. These are usually much more specific, because most of the online buyers do their product research before making a buy. These phrases may not be obvious in the beginning of a campaign, and that is why it is important to Track and analyze the user behavior and search pattern to identify the key ingredient for a better conversion.
bullet Usability Audit

Visitors are looking for convenience, ease-of-use, helpful information and security. The long-term objective is to increase site usability through refinement, measurement, further refinement and further measurement. Thorough review and analysis of your analytics can tell immensely valuable information of the visitorís behavior within your website like how they landed on your website, what pages they visited, what products / services they checked, and whether they made a decision online or turned away from your website, and if they turned away, which part of the site they were in when they made a decision to leave the site, etc. Careful analysis of this information will give you an insight on various aspects within the site or the marketing campaign which in effect incases the user exit ratio. There may be many things which contribute to this scenario, like you might have targeted a wrong market, the site may not have enough information on the products or service that helps the user to make a decision online, a confusing navigational structure, or not enough payment options etc are few of the many.

By performing a usability audit, you can not only increase conversion rate, but also effectively reduce the Cost per Acquisition.
bullet Platform Re-Engineering

Armed with a predictive analysis report and the usability audit report, we can re-engineer the website that will not only create a clear communication with the users, but also helps you immensely in recalibrating your marketing campaigns to increase the ROI.
bullet Internet Marketing Campaign recalibration

With a site re-engineered, and the analysis report in hand, we are ready to restructure your marketing campaigns to get the bang for your buck. Knowing who will convert and a powerful platform that entice and engage the users allows us to streamline your Organic campaigns and Pay per click campaigns to better position your site and generate better ROI.

Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization

Internet Marketing Company - Blomold Media - Conversion Optimization